Anytime Fitness' 24-hour 'Tread Together' fundraiser challenge raises over $400,000 for Suicide Prevention Australia

Anytime Fitness Australia is pleased to announce over $400,000 raised for Suicide Prevention Australia through the Tread Together 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge.

The national event, hosted at almost 300 Anytime Fitness clubs across the country, brought together thousands of community members, local businesses, community services, politicians and celebrities to show their support for suicide prevention.

Funds raised will support Suicide Prevention Australia to introduce a new series of research scholarships designed to improve education and inform future development of suicide prevention strategies.

Anytime Fitness Australia CEO, Arthur McColl, praised all parties involved in the fundraiser, saying, “Here at Anytime Fitness, we’re passionate about moving as one, and we certainly saw the power of our network’s unison in action during the Tread Together 24-hour treadmill challenge.

“For the second year in a row, we teamed up with Suicide Prevention Australia to help make a difference by raising funds and opening up community conversations around suicide and mental health. We’re pleased that the funds raised through this event will go towards valuable research aimed at saving lives,” said Mr McColl.

Over two years, Anytime Fitness Australia has raised over $800,000 for Suicide Prevention Australia through the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge.

“This year’s event has been the biggest we’ve ever seen. Seeing hundreds of communities and thousands of Australians coming together to raise funds and suicide prevention awareness has been both inspiring and humbling”, said Suicide Prevention Australia National Research Fund Director Sue Murray.

“Our heartfelt thanks goes to the Anytime Fitness clubs, members, staff and networks for their commitment to taking action in their communities and making a difference for suicide prevention,” said Ms Murray.

About Tread Together: Tread Together is a national community suicide prevention event that took place on 25-26 May at over 270 Anytime Fitness clubs across hundreds of communities and involved thousands of Australians. This event was started by community, for community. It has its roots back in 2013, when a group of friends from Maroubra in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, who were bereaved by suicide, started a 24-hour community treadmill challenge event to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention.

About Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA): Suicide Prevention Australia is the national leadership organisation for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. We work with our Members, governments, businesses and the wider community to deliver a meaningful reduction to the number of suicides, and support more people to live. Our vision is a world without suicide. We acknowledge the pain suicide brings when it comes into our lives and the hope that unites us.

Jenna Green