The Xtend Barre story starts with the passion of its founder, Andrea Rogers, who created and developed the Xtend Barre concept by taking the fundamentals of Pilates and combining this with the high-energy movement of dance. The result is a full-body barre workout that is dynamic, safe and completely unique.

The franchise currently has 23 studios open across Australia and is backed by a significant expansion strategy. 

Xtend Barre is designed for people of all fitness levels, with clients ranging from athletes to individuals trying to achieve a personal best. It attracts people in the process of building or re-building their confidence, losing weight, overcoming illness or injury, or entering a new phase of life. Regardless of the specific goal, dedicated Xtend Barre instructors fully support clients at every step on their journey to transform their bodies and their lives. Personalised attention and care is the focus in every class.